Events Re-branding
PNG Air Services is undergoing it's rebranding process. Watch this space to see what our new look is!


With the mission “to be recognized by the industry as a leading Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) within the region and beyond,” the Company embarked on a robust and holistic undertaking to modernize systems, infrastructure and people since 2011 and this continues today.

As part of this undertaking, the Company has embarked on a transformational initiative to redevelop a new perspective through the Re-branding Campaign.

The first phase under the company’s re-branding campaign has seen the staging of the Naming and Slogan Contest.

Generally, the re-branding campaign intents to achieve the following;

  • Establish a new corporate identity to make clarification on the misunderstanding perceived by many with the airline company PNG Air.
  • Create a modern look in consistent with the Modernization program approach.
  • Re-align the corporate strategy to ensure that the company is leveraging adequately on the untapped internal and external resources.
  • Have a corporate brand as the face of the business strategy and focus on what stakeholders should expect from the company.
  • Enhance and improve public perception of who we are and the importance of our role.