PNGASL Administration


Administration division exists and functions under the Corporate Support and Strategic Management Department in PNG Air Services Limited.

As the name portrays itself, it serves the entire organization by administering various administrative tasks on a daily basis of which major areas being the transport coordination / fleet monitoring and management (Motor Vehicle procurement to disposal process), fuel system controlling and management (acquisition to distribution), staff accommodation, contract management for PNGASL’s outsourced operations like Cleaning, Security as well as Transport. 

Like any other existing organizational divisions within PNGASL, Administration functional unit also strives to contribute meaningfully through providing support services to the entire organizational operation.

Administration Functional Structure

The division is made up of a total of ten (10) employees; the Admin Manager, Admin Officer,Transport Officer, 2x Drivers and5x Janitors(3 Males, 2 Females).

Figure 1.1 Divisional Structure


How we contribute to PNGASL

(Brief Roles and Responsibilities)

  1. Administration Manager- the post holder in this position plays a vital leading and oversee role ensuring the proper management and use of the available resources in a more effective and consistent manner.
  2. Administration Officer- this incumbent operates to effectively facilitate various administrative tasks in general on a daily basis. Mainly performs key supportive roles in all functions such as contract management, investigation of the Admin section team and Transport including any other tasks as directed by the Manager Admin.
  3. Transport officer- this candidate plays a vital role on a daily basis mainly in the areas of fleet and fuel management/control. He makes sure that all the company motor vehicles are in a good operational conditions to ensure the safety of the users.Also performs other tasks as directed by the Manager Admin
  4. Drivers-Reporting to the Transport Officer; the incumbents function is to help in the area of administering logistics/transport. They operate during official working hours as well as after hours when need arises. Mainly involve to transport internal clients from POM HQ to certain designated locations for business related arrangements.
  5. Janitors-Reporting to the Admin Officer; the incumbents perform important roles to ensure the cleanliness/hygiene and beautification of workplace/office environment including Gents/Ladies restrooms on a daily basis.


About Us

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